Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Treatment Effects

Well, it hasn't been a fun three days so far, let me tell you. I've had a really bad time with a cough, as well as being unable to catch my breath. It's sucked, and could be from a million things between the Hodge being back (least likely) to simple inflammation (most likely). I had a nice long visit with my GP today, who felt my neck (no nodes - that's a good thing), and put me on some more steroids and an inhaler if I need it. Along with that, I got the law laid down: If its not better in three days, we're off for a CT scan. Friday. No waiting BS. Apparently post-cancer its a brave new world for ailments - I apparently get the hairy eyeball now and nothing is toyed with.

Anyway, we will see. I expect he's right and that its inflammation though - My pulse oxygen was 100%, so I'm breathing great as far as getting air from point A to point B. Just need to figure out why its not working as expected though to get that.

On a positive note for the above, I guess it doesn't matter now that my new Gold's Gym's opening has been delayed!


Duane said...

Your new blog looks great, Steve. ;)

Wishing u continued health!

Steve said...

Thanks Duane, you too! Actually, your blog kinda became the push to lead me to do this. Your writing comes out really smooth, and I can almost feel it being.. Relaxing.