Sunday, August 10, 2008

Speech! Speech!

Last Tuesday, I gave my speech at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night kickoff. For those who don't know, Light the Night is a big fundraiser for the LLS, as well as a walk to honor those with blood cancers, as well as those who lost their fight. The kickoff was for team captains and corporate fundraisers. I was scheduled in to be the featured speaker.

It was held at T. Burkes in King of Prussia to honor the owner, who recently passed on from leukemia. I thought that was an incredible offering by the bar / restaurant, as the food was incredible as was the room they gave us.

Prior to my speech, they showed a video showcasing last year's Light the Night. Suzanne was in tears, and I started getting a little choked up. NOT how I wanted to go onstage. I held it together, and gave a decent 10 minute speech (at least I was told it was good!) on my story, and why supporting the LLS is as important as it is. That was the easy part.

I enjoyed it, and if it helped motivate one person in that room to raise more funds, then it was worth every minute.

Speaking of, I will have a link over to the side with my team pretty soon, and you can donate online! Please think of donating for my team, as my family will be walking this October.

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