Monday, June 23, 2008

Feeling Ready to Go Back

Well, its settled - I go back to work (happily) on Thursday. My lung stuff cleared up for the most part (still have that "I breathed water" feeling, and still get a cough when its humid, but overall pretty good. On the plus side, I had to have another CT to rule out a pulmonary embolism - And that showed no change in lymph nodes (that's good, means no signs of relapse).

Last Thursday's surgery went well, and I've been officially deported :) The spot's a bit sore, but its nice not having a large bump there - Also, I'll be ready to start bench pressing again once the gym opens up.

Can't wait until I get back to 100% normal, but that may take a while. In the meantime, loving being cancer-free and wanting to get to work!

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