Friday, June 27, 2008

Off for Some Hodge Fun in Boston

Well, we're off tomorrow morning (early morning) for some fun up north. We're going to visit Sue's sister up in New Hampshire, and while we're up there, I'm going out for dinner with a number of the great folks from the WebMagic forums, a group of fellow Hodgers (aka my Hodge Homies). It all started when a couple from the UK were going to visit the States. Next thing you know, about 20 of us all agreed to mee up for the weekend.

Visit to Boston: 12 hours of driving round-trip.
Getting to meet people who helped me through cancer: Priceless.

The last two days back to work have been awesome. My new boss threw me on some projects I could help with immediately, and it felt good just to do something. A little tired at night, but nothing earth-shattering. Just trying to get back to the good-ol' NORMAL.

I'll be sure to have some pictures up soon!

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