Friday, June 27, 2008

Vacation Plans

So, we finally finalized our vacation plans for the summer. I'm thinking something relaxing; You know, laying out on the beach for a week, relaxing with a cold drink, chillin' out...

Instead, we're going camping.

Now, I like camping, and I like camping in tents. But I'm a long-weekend type of camper. Seven days in a tent fighting off mildew from within sleeping bags... Not so sure. However, it is inherently not masculine to say no when your wife and 12 year old daughter are saying they want to go. I only recently got leghair back people, my security in my manliness is still trying to get back to normal levels.

So as I said, we're going camping. To be specific, heading up to Rickett's Glen in upstate Pennsylvania (think a crossbreeding of the Mid-Atlantic States and the movie Deliverance). We're going with my brother-in-law's family, so we'll have four kids under 5 at a place where the famous trails include warnings of certain death over waterfall cliffs. OK, I jest - Not certain death, just good odds.

It will be a good time, since we all manage to make these things fun together. What will be interesting is after 8 months of little to no exercise, carrying my 40 lb. son in a backpack carrier should he elect to use me as a pack mule. I mean, I want to get back to working out and all, but... Damn!

It is a beautiful place though, and a lot of the hiker sites give it rave reviews. Gimme a can of Off! and I'll be ready to rock.

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